Corporate History

Nov, 1987

Business Associates K.K. is founded.

Dec, 1987

Releases an accounting package “CATS” that runs on the DOS environment. Designed for foreign affiliated companies, bilingual and multiple currencies.

Apr, 1989

Opens the office in Nihonbashi Kakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Oct, 1990

Relocates the office to Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Jun, 1991

Receives order of entrusted system development for a publicly-held company (construction company) using AS/400.
Starts designing an integrated system for sales, construction work management, materials, and construction site using SYNON case tool. Completes the system implementation in April, 1992.

Jul, 1992

Relocates the office to Yotsuya, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo.

Oct, 1992

Starts construction of a system for a food company using SYNON/2.

Dec, 1995

Releases an accounting package “Plaza Accounting” that runs on Windows.
Designed for foreign affiliated companies and small to med sized companies. Bilingual and multiple currencies.

May, 1996

Releases “Plaza Sales Management”.

Feb, 1997

Releases “Plaza Payroll”.

Apr, 1997

Relocates the office to Kitashinjyuku,Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo.
Start developing “ICAT”; a C/S type high integrated and empowered application package designed for growing medium sized companies.

May, 1997

Releases “Plaza Fixed Assets”.

May, 1998

Releases the above “ICAT” series.

May, 1999

Starts developing ICAT Accounting, Payable, Receivable, Sales Management, Purchase, Logistics and Inventory, and Client.

Aug, 2000

Relocates the office to Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

May, 2002

Releases “ICAT Project Management”.

Jul, 2002

Releases “ICAT Services Management”.

Jan, 2003

Releases “ICAT Local Accounting”.

Jul, 2003

Releases “ICAT Forward Exchange Contract”.

Dec, 2004

Integrates "Plaza" series into "ICAT" series, and releases them as "Plaza-i" series.

Feb, 2005

Starts developing .NET Framework system by C#.

Mar, 2005

Releases Plaza-i Fixed Asset System - FAS.

Apr, 2005

Releases Plaza-i POS System - POS.

Jul, 2005

Releases Plaza-i General Purchase Management System - GPM.

Feb, 2006

Releases Plaza-i Expense Settlement System - EPS.

Jul, 2006

Relocates the office to Konan(Shinagawa), Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Sep, 2007

Releases Plaza-i Ver 2.0 (.NET Framework)

Apr, 2008

Releases "Plaza-i Fixed Assets" Version 2, which supports Lease Accounting, and "Plaza-i Expense Settlement" Vsersion 2.

Oct, 2008

Releases Plaza-i Ver 2.0 (.NET Framework)...SOE, PUR, and DRS.

Mar, 2009

Releases Plaza-i Payroll Ver 2.0 (.NET Framework)

Apr, 2010

Releases Plaza-i Fixed Assets (Asset Retirement Obligations) Version.

Jun, 2011

Releases Plaza-i Maintenance Management System - MNT

Jan, 2012

Releases Plaza-i Business Analytics System - BAS

Jun, 2013

Establishes a subsidiary company in Singapore

Jan, 2014

Releases Plaza-i V2 LAS.

Oct, 2014

Releases Plaza-i Sales Force Management System - SFM.

May, 2015

Releases Plaza-i Service Purchase Management System - SVP.

May, 2017

Releases Plaza-i Human Resorce Management System - HRS.

Aug, 2017

Tennoz Office Opened.

Jan, 2019

Releases Plaza-i Fixed Assets (lease for IFRS16) Version.

Aug, 2019

Moved office from Tennoz to Mita(Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo).

Jun, 2020

Releases Business Scenario Package for machinery sales industry by Plaza-i.

Oct, 2021

Hiroshi SUGIMOTO inaugurated as CEO.