Unease about actual system implementation having no in-house IT specialist

Unease about actual system implementation having no in-house IT specialist

  • With little experience in system implementation, unease about having no in-house IT specialist.

  • Unclear about how to conduct a business process review.

Task characteristics

  • Having no dedicated IT specialist or consultant, cannot properly organize system requirements.

  • Wanting to know the right steps to take to conduct a business process review.

  • Cannot dedicate much time on system implementation, being too busy with daily work.

  • Unsure if employees get well-trained during a short training right before go-live.

What the field demands

  • Wanting to relieve anxiety about system implementation.

  • Wanting a system where you can communicate the business and system requirements to ERP consultants.

  • Wanting to review and organize the flow of operations during system implementation.

What you can do with Plaza-i

Using actual data and system at the phase of defining system requirements, you can perform a gap analysis at an early stage. To fill a gap, you can decide to go with customization or adjust your existing processes to align with the system. By letting users navigate and operate the system at an early stage of the project, improve user capability in using the system.

Even if you are not familiar with utilizing business software, by using actual system and conversing with our consultant, you can work out system requirements and identify the issues you need to address.

You can conduct a business process review by performing a fit-gap analysis while comparing your company's flow of operations with the package's standard one.