Message from the President


Our aim is to create social value

We will continue to create social value together with our clients and business associates.

As a bridge between management and IT, Business Associates K.K. strives to support our clients to deliver the best for their core businesses so that they can keep generating profits leading to greater social value.

The use of IT is nothing new nowadays, yet rather part of daily life. Technology does not stop progressing, and with the world’s focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, Sustainable Development Goals amongst other things, lifestyles and values have changed and become diversified with the changes in business climate rapidly increasing, shaping a new normal.In the face of such radical shifts, focusing on core businesses has become even more important especially for small-sized companies and mid-size enterprises; therefore, we are even more committed to contributing to our clients.


Since our foundation nearly 30 years ago, we have been providing business system solutions. Not only do we have knowledge and skills to give quick-fix solutions, but we think of the long term of how to keep bringing out value with high versatility, considering the purpose of each client’s operations. That is how we achieved the Plaza-i system as a business platform we are able to proudly provide.

The Plaza-i system can quickly adapt to changes in technology such as operating system and database updates as well as supported tax reform. While responding to our clients’ new businesses and changes in their clientele and forms of transaction, they can continuously use Plaza-i, a unique business platform for 10 or 20 years or even more.

Furthermore, thanks to our colleagues who keep growing with independence and are well versed in management and IT, we can keep providing social value and taking the Plaza-i system to the next level. I, myself, also joined Business Associates K.K. as a new university graduate and, with the help of clients and coworkers, have been growing while the Plaza-i system keeps evolving.

Succeeding our corporate philosophy, “a company worthy of respect”, “a company worthy of appreciation”, and “a company worth working for”, we will strive to keep evolving, continue doing our best to meet the needs and desires of our clients, and reflect our know-how acquired over the years into the Plaza-i system. We, Business Associates K.K., will continue to create social value by providing and supporting our clients with our unique business platform, Plaza-i.

That is Business Associates K.K.


Hiroshi Sugimoto
Representative Director
Business Associates K.K.