Privacy Policy

Business Associates K.K. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) performs its day-to-day activities based on management policy of “producing social values related to computers and business management”, aiming to be a respected and appreciated company. As part of our daily activities, we collect personal information from individuals of our clients and their customers including our company. We recognize privacy commitments as not only required by the laws but to be our fundamental social responsibility. We are strictly committed to maintenance and protection of personnel information and establish the privacy policies listed below to be disseminated to and upheld by all officers, employees, and other related persons. 

  1. When we collect personal information, it will clarify the purpose of the use and carry out the collection in a legal and fair manner within the scope required to achieve that purpose.

  2. We use the personal information within the scope of that purpose only. When it becomes necessary to use it for other than that purpose, we will ask the individuals who own the information for permission, except when there is a legitimate reason.

  3. Except when there is a legitimate reason stipulated by law, etc., we will not disclose or provide the personal information to a third party.

  4. In order to secure the accuracy and safety of the personal information, we will take preventive measures against unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss or damage of personal information. In the unlikely event of an accident, we will promptly conduct corrective measures.

  5. We will respect the rights of individuals who own personal information and sincerely handle inquiries, requests, and complaints made by them.

  6. We will adhere to laws, etc. that pertain to personal information.

  7. We will continue to address our privacy policies and take appropriate measures relevant to technology development and changes in social requirements.

Formulated: April 1, 2005
Latest revision: March 12, 2007
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Representative Director