Current system cannot keep up with business growth

Current system cannot keep up with business growth

  • Wanting to expand business overseas but cannot find a system that handles foreign currencies and supports both Japanese and English languages.

  • You have mainly engaged in sales order-purchase order and direct delivery but recently started selling stock items. Wanting to track the spending on each project.
    Besides managing lot numbers and serialized items, you also need to keep track of the movement of goods but want to avoid custom development.

  • Product sales is the main business, but you recently started providing after-sales support also. You find it time-consuming to manually divide and enter contract amount according to a given period.

  • Your company acquired another business, but current system does not support multi-company accounting.

  • You have increasing demand for new data interface with eCommerce platform and direct data exchange via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with customers.

  • You rely on a single-point-of-failure person to manage inquiries prior to quotation. You do not know what kind of sales leads you have in the pipeline.

Task characteristics

  • Current system supports neither foreign currencies nor English, so you depend on specific people at local offices and outsourcing service providers.

  • Current system cannot embrace various products, services, and practices in international trade, product sales, service provisions, wholesale, and retail.

  • Since the timing for when to recognize sales is different from billing while business transactions are increasing, the speed of manual operation and management cannot keep up.

  • Each time your company acquires another business, things needing individual and manual management increase.

  • Data interface via EDI with eCommerce or clients incurs too much cost.

What the field demands

  • Wanting a system that supports any type of foreign currency with at least four digits after decimal point with functions of foreign exchange contract allocation and balance management.

  • Wanting a system excellent in flexibility (with enhanced functionality) and scalability (easy to interface with a third-party system).

  • Wanting a system that allows adding a new subsidiary at a reasonable cost.

What you can do with Plaza-i

Plaza-i is a multi-currency, Japanese-English bilingual system with no limit on the types of currencies you can use. Foreign currency exchange allocation, balance management, extension, and cancellation are also supported.

Manage profit and loss by sales order and purchase order as well as by project code associated with multiple sales orders and purchase orders.

Manage multi-companies and local offices using well-structured enterprise, company, and branch codes. By performing financial statement translation, the system consolidates accounting data in JPY, including data of overseas subsidiaries who use different currencies in their day-to-day operations.

Product sales management (sales order-purchase order, direct delivery, sales of stock items, and international/tripartite trade), automatic division and entry of service contract amount over a discretionary period, and profit and loss management by project are all supported in the same Plaza-i system.

Sales pipeline management by overseeing sales prospects, which gives a quick grasp on sales prospects with more than 80% probability along with contact history, memo, progress status, and estimated proceeds.