Plaza-i product overview

Plaza-i - Intertwining Business and IT

Business Associates has been developing and providing business application packages to many customers since its establishment in 1987. It combined accumulated know-how and released Plaza-i in 1999. This is a 100% original ERP package for Japanese small and medium-sized businesses, companies expanding overseas, and foreign-affiliated companies in specific industries.

Based on the motto “providing the best solutions using our original package we know the best”, Business Associates, a system solutions company who develops Plaza-i, provides a consistent solution that ranges from consulting, implementation support, migration support, implementation and migration check, to user support.

Integrated Solutions with Integrated Systems

We provide integrated solutions using an integrated system that consists of an optimized and carefully selected combination of modules where essential features have been refined through implementation into many industries and types of business. It is particularly effective in mixed business types (multi-business companies) and specific businesses with special characteristics.

Plaza-i module diagram

One Source Code, One Database

It can be managed with one instance of Oracle database. Since it is a one-source, one-database solution, the interface is unified and all master data are shared, eliminating the need of duplication of data and double entries. You can configure the database as an important information asset of the company that must be protected.

Supports Both On-Premises and Cloud Models

There is no difference in the source code, no matter which model you choose. We can also customize additional functions according to your company's requests.